Beniadih, Giridih, Jharkhand - 815311
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Principal Message  
Asato ma Sadgamaya
Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya
Mrityor ma Amritamgamaya


With profound joy and great pride, I take this opportunity to address the well–wishers of DAV Public School, CCL, Giridih as the newly appointed Principal of this institution.
On the onset, I want to tell you about my strong conviction that a man must be connected to his roots, his culture and traditions, but, it needs to constantly update himself in all modern aspects. He must be firm while taking decisions but gentle in understanding situations. Thus, a man can achieve victory by winning a competition with his perseverance and talent, but only when he is instrumental in the growth and happiness of his fellow beings, he does experience true satisfaction.
A leader thus guides others, empowers them with his own knowledge and experience and helps them nurture their dreams and pursue their goals in life. Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.
My message for my students is absolutely simple and clear. Remember, there is no secret to success. It is the unification of good planning, hard work and learning from experiences, even if they are failures. Route to success may be painful, better some times, but the rest is assured that the fruit of success is always sweet. As Robert Collier has rightly said, “Success is the sum of repeated efforts day – in and day-out”. 
To the teachers of the revered school I say – “You are powerful weapons in the battlefield against ignorance and can change the world with your wisdom. Your influence is beyond academic knowledge as you teach the true lesson of life”. A teacher who guides his/her student onto a joyful righteous life is a true guru.
‘Service before self’ is the best guideline to shape up a wonderful Indian society dominated by love and togetherness. Parents/guardians and the teachers are the two wheels of a bicycle and only when the alignment is proper smooth sailing can take place. Parents and teachers need to build up mutual trust which in turn strengthen the faith of the students and help them to balance their lives. The parents must realize that academics are important, no doubt, yet the main purpose of education is all round development of a child. Thus, education has three essential aspects – academic knowledge, physical fitness and mental growth with a sympathetic humane heart.
I take this opportunity to assure you that I have committed myself wholeheartedly to the welfare of this institution and simultaneously I solicit your robust co-operation as well as your vigorous corroboration to make sure that the school will continue to shine luminously like a diamond in the educational horizon of our beloved motherland.
Education is a friend forever,
An educated person is respected everywhere,
Education is beyond beauty and youth,
So, an educated man is a blessing for mankind.

B.P. Roy